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artist statementContemporary Art Paintings by Florin Coman


From an early age I have shown interest in drawing. For several years, the natural evolution for me was from drawings to cartoons and computer graphics.

I started painting after this long period, being in love with Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke and of course, Picasso. I love my work, I'm at peace with myself and I always try to express my inner feelings into my paintings but I'm never trying to characterize my painting style.


Transposing my creative imagination on canvas has shown me many ways of expressing my spirit and this has influenced my artistic creation. Relevant influences in my style are visible by mixed layers of strong primary colors, wet paint stains scattered by knife, areas of scraped canvas and different materials added into the final composition. In all this chaos of colours I have brought a character and made it an integral part.

My paintings often addressed different subjects from figurative paintings inspired by the rock music phenomenon or simple characters, flowers, nudes and other subjects, all of them dealing with social, political and cultural issues.

To a large extent I have tried to put a drop of humor in each artwork.